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XGROW is a computer simulation program developed by BIO150Y for students to design and conduct experiments in population growth under conditions of unrestricted growth, competition, and predation. For detailed information, see the online version of the XGROW self-study exercises.

Please note the following:

  1. This Java application (applet) requires Windows 95 (not Windows 3.x) and Netscape 3.0 (or an equivalent Java-enabled browser). It has been designed to use the full viewing area in Netscape. Thus you might have to disable the Toolbar and Directory Buttons in Netscape (from the Options pull-down menu) while viewing the applet. Move the slider at the right of this window to view all of the XGROW applet.
  2. If the XGROW applet does not appear above be sure that Java is enabled in your Web browser: in Netscape, select "Options", then "Network Preferences", then "Languages", and select "Enable Java"; when this has been done, select the "Reload" button from the Netscape Toolbar.
  3. XGROW on the Web is best viewed if the resolution of your monitor's desktop area is set to 800 X 600 pixels (in Windows 95 select Start, Settings, Control Panel, Display, Settings).
  4. If you are viewing this page from a CQUEST terminal you will not need to disable the Toolbar and Directory Buttons in Netscape, since the XGROW applet is small in size. If you have difficulty reading the text on the applet when viewed on a CQUEST terminal because of it's small size we suggest you run the applet from one of the many Windows 95 computers available on the first floor of the Robarts Library (130 St. George).
  5. Note that you cannot print Java applets from Netscape version 3.x.

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