BIO150Y: Evolution of Cooperation Introduction

Tutorial Tips
A few pointers to get you started

For Your Viewing Pleasure
The BIO150Y on-line tutorial on the evolution of cooperative behaviour has some Java applet windows. To be able to view these, please ensure that Java is enabled in your Web browser:
  • In Netscape, select "Options", then "Network Preferences", then "Languages", and select "Enable Java"; when this has been done, select the "Reload" button from the Netscape Toolbar.
  • The tutorial is best viewed if the resolution of your monitor's desktop area is set to 800 X 600 pixels (in Windows 95 select Start, Settings, Control Panel, Display, Settings).
  • Here are your tools:   (Note: these buttons are not live here)
    Click on this button at the bottom of each page to continue through the tutorial.
    Test your progress with pop-up multiple-choice questions embedded in each section. Your answer is instantly checked and debriefed.
    Check the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for more information on a topic.
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    The site map gives you an overview of the tutorial and shows you a recommended route. Use it to go directly to a section.

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