BIO150Y Optimal Information Foraging  

Evaluating Three Web Sites

Evaluate: to determine significance or worth by careful appraisal and study

evaluating websites

Academic research requires accurate and documented sources.

Apply criteria to evaluate both print and electronic information makes it easy to choose good sources.

Term Paper Topic

Remember your topic is:

The community structure of the Great Lakes has been impacted by alien invaders. Define the problem. Give examples.

Three Web Sites

Let's practice by evaluating three Web sites.

  1. Explore each of the Web sites below.
  2. Answer the five questions for each Web site
  3. Compare your responses to BIO150Y's

A. Invasive Species in the Great Lakes Region

View site:

Evaluation Questions (PDF)

BIO150Y Response (PDF)

B. The Zebra Mussel Page

View site:

Evaluation Questions (PDF)

BIO150Y Response (PDF)

C. Alien Invaders in Our Oceans

View site:

Evaluation Questions (PDF)

BIO150Y Response (PDF)

Some Additional Resources

  • Citing Web sites: How and why to cite Web sites.

  • Games: Test your information foraging skills with two games.

  • Review : Site guide to Optimal Information Foraging Exercise.

  • Additional Help : Services and people to help with writing and research skills.

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