BIO150Y Optimal Information Foraging  

Finding Information: Web Sites

What are Web sites good for?

In this session

Strengths of the Web

Untangling the Web
  • current news and information

  • fact sheets, Web sites of organizations, government information etc.

  • expert and popular opinions

  • the library's Web page for scholarly information

  • communicating via email and chat groups

Cautions about the Web

Time! You can spend a lot of time surfing, sorting, and getting lost. There is useful information on the Web but it is time consuming to find it.
Quality! There is a huge amount of information, but who wrote it? Anyone can and does - from world renowned experts to your neighbour Bob in his basement. Expect to find quantity over quality.

Look at the URL (Uniform Resource Location or address of a Web site) to see where the site is coming from.

url ending type of resource
.com commercial
.edu education (e.g. U.S. university)
.ca Canadian
.org organization (usually non-profit)

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