BIO150Y Optimal Information Foraging  

Search Strategies for Finding Articles

Five basic steps...

Term paper topic:

The community structure of the Great Lakes has been impacted by alien invaders. Define the problem. Give examples.

The Steps

1. Think about your topic and break it down into its major separate ideas or concepts:
alien invaders and Great Lakes

2. Think of different ways of saying each idea (e.g. synonyms, spellings, plural and singular):
alien invaders or alien species or invasive species or introduced species

Great Lakes or Lake Ontario or Lake Michigan or Lake Erie or Lake Superior or Lake Huron

3. Search each idea separately. Use OR to expand your results by combining the different words/terms for the same concept.
OR Click on your browser's "reload" button to animate the image.

4. Combine different ideas using AND to narrow your results.

AND Click on your browser's "reload" button to animate the image.

5. Use brackets ( ) to group search terms together. Use around terms that are combined with OR.
(alien invaders OR invasive species OR introduces species) AND (Great Lakes OR Lake Ontario)

How to choose search terms

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