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Finding Encyclopaedias

How to find that encyclopaedia...

Finding electronic encyclopaedias

Online encyclopaedia

A growing number of books are available fulltext online. The library subscribes to several online encyclopaedias, both general and subject-specific for biology.

  1. browse the table of contents first to see if there is a broad article which may cover your topic
  2. if not, then use the online search feature
  3. remember to think of synonyms (e.g. alien invaders, biological invasion, introduced species)

Online encyclopaedias selected specially for you

My Biology Library

Finding print encyclopedias

Print encyclopaedia There are two steps in finding print encyclopedias:

  1. Search the catalogue
  2. Locate the encyclopaedia by its call number in the library
  1. Use AND to combine words (e.g. encyclopedia AND biology)
  2. Use truncation to find different word endings (e.g. encyclopedia and biol$)
  3. Consider different spelling, British vs. America (e.g. encyclopaedia or encyclopedia)

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