BIO150Y Optimal Information Foraging  

Getting Started

A few pointers

Learning Objectives

  • Why and how to evaluate what you find

  • Why and how to cite what you find

  • How to find journal articles using an index

  • How to decipher a citation

  • How to use the library catalogue to find books and encyclopaedias

  • How to effectively find Web sites

Resource Guide

My Biology Library is a selective guide to online information resources for biology. Covers sources such as:

  • databases (indexes) to find journal articles

  • full text e-journals

  • online books

  • selected Web sites

  • databases (indexes) to find newspaper articles


To assist you, sample multiple-choice questions are interspersed through the online exercise.

Play the three games to test your information foraging skills.

In addition, important concepts and topics are given further treatment through "Read more..." links throughout the exercise. This extra reading will improve your understanding of the exercise, but it is not required.

Technical Requirement

You'll need at least Netscape 3.0 or Internet Explorer 4.0 to see all the interactive stuff.

This online exercise has some Java applet windows. To be able to view these, ensure that Java is enabled in your Web browser.

You'll need the Shockwave Flash plug-in, a free application that enhances your browser, in order to play the games.


We gratefully acknowledge the Texas Information Literacy Tutorial (TILT) for making available through Open Publication License the games as well as many of the images used in this exercise.

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