BIO150Y: Saving the Whooping Crane Getting Started

Getting Started
A few pointers to get you started

Learning Objectives

  • Use a computer model to simulate the population growth of Whooping Cranes.

  • Estimate the likelihood that the Whooping Crane would have gone extinct this century if it had not been actively managed.

  • Experiment with managing the existing population of Whooping Cranes, and see if your strategy improves the chances of the
    population's long-term survival.


This exercise will not be tested.

To assist you, sample multiple-choice questions are interspersed through the online exercise.

In addition, important concepts and topics are given further treatment in a reference section which is available from "Read more..." links throughout the exercise. This extra reading will help your understanding of the exercise, but it is not required.

Technical Requirements

This online exercise has some Java applet windows. To be able to view these, ensure that Java is enabled in your Web browser:
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